Dry Lining

Dry lining involves the covering of an interior wall with plasterboard prior to decorating. Faster, easier and requiring far less water than traditional ‘plastering’, dry lining is quickly becoming the preferred method for clients and tradespeople alike.


Plasterboard is produced in various lengths, widths and thicknesses. It is widely available and easy to transport, and can be fixed onto masonry, timber or metal. Insulation can be added to the back of the plasterboard or – in metal stud partitions – it can be fitted into the cavity between the studs.

Lightweight and flexible

Dry lining reduces the weight on a building’s foundations when compared to using wet plaster or cement. This allows for more flexible layouts on upper floors and the creation of solutions that are dictated by function rather than form.

Why use VST Interiors for dry lining?

VST Interiors has long experience of dry lining. We are fast, efficient and affordable, and work closely with all parties to ensure projects are finished within budget and on time.

Talk to VST Interiors today to discuss your specific project where we will help you identify the best acoustic solution for you and your project.